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TOPGRIP offers a wide range of Thermocouples to suit specific applications and environmental conditions. They essentially consist of thermo-element, insulators, protecting sheath, terminals, connecting head and adjustable flange or some other mounting device.

Depending on the applications, thermo-elements are chosen from the following ones:

Base Metal Elements  Temperature Range  Element Size
 Copper/Constantan  Upto 350°C  From 10 SWG to 22 SWG
 Iron/Constantan  Upto 800°  From 10 SWG to 22 SWG
 Chromel/Alumel  Upto 1200°C  From 10 SWG to 22 SWG
 Chromel/Constantan  Upto 850°C;  From 10 SWG to 22 SWG
 Rare Metal Elements :    
 Platinum 10% Rhodium/Platinum  Upto 1600°C  From 18 SWG to 27 SWG
 Platinum 13% Rhodium/Platinum  Upto 1600°C  From 18 SWG to 27 SWG
 Platinum 6% Rhodium/Platinum 30% Rhodium  Upto 1700°C  From 18 SWG to 27 SWG

Thermal/E.M.F. characteristics:    As per IS., B. S., DIN, JIS, ISA or any other international standard. Annealing of Pt-Rh/Pt elements is done by electrical treating while they are hanging free in the air.


Protecting sheaths of different diameters, lengths and thicknesses are available from the following materials.

  • Mild steel.
  • Stainless steel (AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 321)
  • Heat Resistant steel
  • Inconel
  • Impervious Sillimanite
  • Alumina

Insulators with single hole and multi-holes are available in small lengths as well as single length-type made of sillimanite.


The connecting head made of aluminium is finished in black paint, standard as well as weatherproof type designs are available. It contains terminal block and terminals to connect compensating cables.


Mounting of a thermocouple assembly is done with the help of an adjustable flange or an adjustable union connection for a desired immersion length.


Apart from the standard straight type simplex assemblies, duplex type, angle type, double protecting sheath type etc. can be supplied on request. Custom-built thermocouple assemblies to suit special requirements such as in plastic industries, cable industries, diesel engines, high pressure applications etc. can also be supplied against specific requirements.

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