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It has already been three decades since we have been serving the Indian Railways. And, it has been our constant endeavour to supply world class quality goods to you.

Company Profile

It has already been four decades since we have been serving the Indian Railways. And, it has been our constant endeavour to supply world class quality goods to you.

Needless to mention, the support – extended by you have been a great source of inspiration for us.

As you know, with changing times one has to fine tune himself in order to avoid oneself being anachronistic. Well, we do not want to be left behind, by the changes taking place worldwide.

Service & Quality being the decisive factor for any business to grow, we too, at Topgrip feel these are the ultimate goal.

To prove our point, we have achieved ISO 9001:2015. Nonetheless, this is not the ultimate, rather it is just another step forward towards our commitment to excellence.

Our Vision

  • Bring new technologies and lean methodologies to railway industry.

  • Provide innovative and cost-effective pressure measurement solutions.

  • Continuous research & development on existing products to improve and deliver world class products.

  • Ensure quality is at par with the advancing technologies.

  • Ensure performance while minimizing the product’s risk and costs.

Service Features

  • Pressure Measurement Solutions

  • Product Development

  • 3D Modelling

  • Prototyping

  • Manufacturing

  • Assembly & Integration

  • 3D Printing

Let Me Introduce

Our Company

With 40 years of experience in the manufacturing industry we have given our best products/services to the Indian Railways/ Airways & Industries worldwide. We also help process Manufacturing players optimize operating costs, strengthen innovation & reduce environmental footprint.

Topgrip Instruments Company

40years of experience


  • Topgrip Instrument Co formed.
  • Repairing of Pressure/Vacuum Gauges commenced for Railway.
  • Provided technical backup service to the Railway for above item.
First export order through state trading corporation for Vietnam Railways received.
First order received from Indian Railways for supply of pressure gauge.
Cylinder Pressure Indicator introduced & supplied to Indian Railways which was being imported from USA — thus saving crores of foreign exchange.
Air Flow measuring gauge introduced.
Self illuminated LED type Pressure & Vacuum gauges introduced.
  • Air flow measuring valve introduced.
  • Digital Non Contact Thermometer with Laser introduced.
ISO "9002 awarded to us by BSI London, strengthening our commitment to provide impeccable quality.
Digital Temperature Indicator Thermocouples introduced.
Electronic Chain Pulling System Train Parting.
Self illuminated back lit LED type preesure & vacuum gauges for diesel Locomotives introduced
Differential Pressure Gauge introduced
CAB Heater introduced
Auto Drain Valve introduced
Air Gauge Complex inroduced (for EMD locomotive)
CAB light LED introduced
Booster Pump Introduced.
Started exporting to USA Tier 1 companies.

FIBA , Pressure & Temperature Sensor was developed.


Digital Cluster of Gauges was developed.

Brake Valves Introduced
Harmonic Filter & Oil Pump Transformer Introduced.
Pre-wired Controller (for Train 18) Introduced.

Responsible Behaviour

  • CEO

    Zakir Hussain

  • Head of Operations

    Abdul Kader Kagalwala

  • Manufacturing

    Murtaza Zakirhusain