Pressure Gauge

Weather Proof Type

Range of pressures in this Quality-0.3 to 400 kg/cm2.

Gauges are made with or without flanges. Drilled or undrilled to order.

All components are of non-rusting type, being non-ferrous throughout

  • 1. Solid Aluminium case, turned, black stove enamelled paint.
  • 2. Threaded Aluminium Bezel.
  • 3. Bold figuring, clear and easy to distinguish.
  • 4. Accurately hand printed dial calibrated to normal test.
  • 5. Accurately screwed shank (Bourdon Block) by N PT Brass Rod.
  • 6. Solid drawn phosphor Bronze tube (Bourdon tube).
  • 7. Bronze Hair Spring.
  • 8. Thick Brass quadrant, resistant to wear.
  • 9. Nickel Silver pinion accurately cut to mesh with quadrant.
  • 10. Special high duty movement having Brass Plates.
  • 11. Nickel Silver Arbor.
  • 12. External Zero Adjustment.
  • 13. Blow of valve.

Guaranteed For One Year