Cab Heater


For maintaining ambient temperature in the cab of ALCO and EMD locomotives at comfort level.

The indicator movement is provided by a coiled bourdon tube. Pointer fitted with gear-movement.

With gland fittings, the immersion can be fixed on site anywhere between 125 and 300 mm and is secured by a metallic compression fitting to the bulb stem, which is annealed to facilitate bending at right angles any surplus projecting beyond the gland nut.

Special Instructions

 The Cab Heater has two heating elements and two blowers at either end to blow hot air. The three phase blower motor is inverter driven. The inverter units along with associated electronic circuits are located on the top of the blower as shown in the figure.

Electrical interlocking is provided for protecting heater in case of any failure in blower as a safety measure. Heater is well protected and placed inside a fabricated S.S. housing; care must be taken at the time of installation and during its working to keep it away from any inflammable articles.

The air inlet and outlet louvers are provided with wire mesh, and should be maintained clean. Inlet Cold air and Outlet Hot air must not be obstructed by any means and should be free flow. Do not tamper the blower and heater assembly.
Pay close attention to the dirt and dust build up on the concave side of blades on the blower wheel. This is very important. It will reduce the air flow output and could cause the blade to become out of balance thus causing premature failure. Clean out gently with compressed air.

Check all electrical wiring and cords for loose connections or frayed wires. Tighten accessible screws, nuts and bolts.

Regular Checking of the following to be carried out:-

Visual Checking of Mounting Clamps Check and ensure that both side heaters are working. Check for any abnormal sound/vibration in blower/motor side.

Note: Please do not attempt to repair or adjust any electrical or mechanical functions on this unit. Doing so will void our warranty. The inside of the unit contains no user serviceable parts.